Welcome to Dereck's. We are a full service professional fitness and consulting company. We are located in the Pasadena area of Southern California. For more than 15 years, Dereck's has built a solid reputation, providing excellent service, instruction and classes in the health, fitness and martial arts industries. Our clients are professionals, corporations and individuals with specific needs. 

I can’t possibly say enough great things about Dereck and/or his training. No trainer knows more, gives more or cares more about his or her clients. Dereck is special to me and to my family. Always grateful having him as my trainer.
— Mary Francis (JB Inc.)
Dereck has been my trainer for several years. He makes working out fun and interesting by refreshing my exercise routine regularly. Also, having some back issues, I’ve always found that Dereck knows exactly how to modify my program to fit my needs. Dereck is professional and very knowledgeable, and always in sync with new and changing trends in his industry. I will highly recommend Dereck’s private training regardless of your needs and goals.
— Diana Berger
Dereck is not only an excellent trainer but a wonderful, compassionate and sincere individual. He runs his business as if his clients are family members. When I first started with Dereck, I did not want personal training; my parents were basically forcing me since I had put on weight in high school. After my first session, I was hooked. He really motivated me to get healthy and want to change my lifestyle (not an easy task for a stubborn teenager). After training with Dereck for one summer, I dropped about 20 lbs, 2 pants sizes, and I was toned. I returned to school ready for my senior year and proud of my success.

Dereck personalized my training program for what I liked to do and minimized the exercise I strongly disliked (a.k.a., running). When we would run, it was more of a jog around the block and only for a warm-up before starting kickboxing (my fav exercise). How we jog spoke to Dereck’s character - he always had me jog on the inside of the sidewalk instead of the outside. Once I asked him why, and he responded “because I want to keep you safe if a car swerves and hits the curb.” To this day, when I am on a date, I always look to see if the man is on the outside of the sidewalk.

Dereck was flexible with my busy high school schedule. He was able to meet with me on Saturdays when I didn’t have practice, and really customized my workouts.

I will absolutely recommend Dereck’s to others; always have and always will. After high school I moved away, completed my undergrad and doctorate program in San Francisco, and now I live in Las Vegas. Should I ever return to the Los Angeles area, I would definitely restart training with Dereck.
— Dr. Nusha Nouhi
Finton Construction have been using Dereck’s services for the last 15 years, and we’re completely satisfied. We have used his services in many different capacities from corporate group sessions at our facility, to in-home personal training and massage therapy for our executives and their families. Dereck’s has added value to our company by keeping our employees happy, healthy and fit. His training sessions are always engaging, creative and fun.

Dereck’s availability has been convenient for us to deal with, because of his scheduling - always willing to reschedule whenever the need arises. Also, his accurate record and timely invoicing makes it easy for our accounting. Personal trainers can be very inconsistent and unreliable. We have never experienced that with Dereck, he’s always on time and professional.

Dereck’s personal training is unique because it is so varied and accommodating to so many different needs and styles of training. He has a very personal approach with everyone, remembering their unique situations, regardless of their mental or physical strengths and limitations, and our employees are more self-motivated and confident through his fitness and self-defense training.

Dereck Aleong is a “World Class” trainer and a good communicator. Always pleasant - never without a smile on his face, and he’s attentive, knowledgable and just a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend Dereck’s to anyone. We would use his services everyday if we could.
— Kathy La Bagh (Finton Construction)
I have known Dereck for 20 years and have enjoyed his fitness classes, personal training and fitness consulting. Dereck is inspirational and creative. He makes it fun to stay in shape and work out by offering variety in his classes. His knowledge of proper technique are evident in the care he takes with his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in improving their fitness.
— D'Arcy S. (Mee Industries, Inc.)
Having trained our security personnels in Self-Defense and Physical Training, we have been quite satisfied with Mr. Aleong who has displayed a professional and competent approach throughout. We have found him to be a gentleman of sound character with whom we have established a very cordial relationship.
— Steve Farrell (WASP Security LTD)
Our employees have been training with Dereck for over 15 years. He is always passionate and enthusiastic, and a very good motivator! Dereck is excellent at explaining what you need to do and he changes the workouts so they’re never monotonous. Everyone wants to work with Dereck and they look forward to their sessions. He has helped our employees with everything from training for marathons, to weight lost, to getting strong again after surgery and illness. Dereck is reliable and a great trainer. We have recommended him for years, and will continue to do so.
— Mike and Patricia Nijjar (IE Rental Homes)

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