Welcome to Dereck's. We are a full service professional fitness and consulting company. We are located in the Pasadena area of Southern California. For more than 15 years, Dereck's has built a solid reputation, providing excellent service, instruction and classes in the health, fitness and martial arts industries. Our clients are professionals, corporations and individuals with specific needs. 

Who is Dereck?

What comes to mind when you think of a personal trainer? Did you actually picture something or someone? Or was it a wish list of attributes a personal trainer has, and that he can offer you that will help change not just your physical being but also have a deep impact on your life? If you were asked to list those attributes, what would they include?

Is a personal trainer someone who:

  • Thinks of his profession in the same way you do your career?
  • Continues to stay current with techniques proven to promote health and well-being?
  • Despite staying current, doesn't jettison the tried and true methods that have worked and will continue to work?
  • Offers versatility and variety to a workout, allowing not just attention to every muscle, but to stimulate the mind and avoid routine?
  • Takes the individual needs of his clients so seriously that no two clients' workout regimens are alike?
  • Dosen't have an agenda when he takes on a client, but rather listens intently to his or her needs and then creates a system that addresses those needs?
  • Comes to your home or your office prepared to give you the best workout you've ever had?
  • Has extensive experience with numerous aspects of physical fitness and specific training techniques, various mind-body disciplines and mixed martial arts tactical skills?
  • Is experienced working with people from all age groups and walks of life, as well as special-needs clients?
  • Regards his clients' privacy as highly as he does his profession?
  • Has one of the highest client retention rates in the field?
  • Is more dependable than there are sunny days in Southern California? (Dereck takes canceling a scheduled session with his clients very seriously).

For many, this goes above and beyond what encompasses a personal trainer. But for Dereck Aleong, this is more than a profession, it is his passion.

Bio Snapshot

Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago:

  • While growing up in Trinidad & Tobago, Dereck Aleong devoted all of his time to doing what he loved most - running, martial arts and weight training.


  • Dereck had already won four karate championships by the time he was in college, when he proudly represented his island nation at the Fourth World Karate-Do Championship in Tokyo, Japan. 


  • Following the championship and his return home from Japan, Dereck continued his training, teaching, and competing at home and throughout the Caribbean, including St. Lucia, Guyana, Martinique and Grenada. He also officiated as a referee and judge at several national and Caribbean karate championship tournaments.


  • The 1980s were an exceptionally busy time for Dereck. He founded and managed three multi-location full service health & fitness facilities: Dereck's Health & Fitness Studios. In addition to the tens of thousands of classes Dereck instructed, high-profile clients sought him out for private coaching for his creative and popular fitness programs.


  • During this time, he also founded his own karate school, the Karate Academy of Trinidad & Tobago, as well as Fitrec Incorporated (Fitness for Recreation), which promoted greater awareness of aerobics fitness in Trinidad & Tobago through the creation and staging of unique nationwide aerobics fitness marathons. 


  • Dereck enjoyed the privilege of working alongside USA fitness celebrity Jackie Sorensen (who is credited with creating Aerobic Dancing) when she served as a guest judge for his 2nd National aerobics fitness marathon in 1984. 


  • By the mid-1980s, having established a reputation for his fresh and innovative concepts in fitness, he became a major influence in his country's fitness arena, branding Dereck's as a household name for his professional leadership, along with his dynamic and unique style in heightening and inspiring greater public awareness to get physically active.

Los Angeles, California: 

  • Having focused on his professional development, he improved his knowledge base with intensive training and certification in several courses. The principles most important to his success in those endeavors are the same ones that have led to Dereck's success today.


  • Following an incredibly successful career, armed with his wealth of knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry, Dereck left his beloved country and moved to Los Angeles, California.


  • Once in the Southern California area, he hired himself out as a fitness expert, industry consultant to several local health clubs, including Gold's Gym, LA Fitness, World Gym and Arcadia All Pro Athletic Club. With his innovative signature exercise programs, his classes frequently exceeded capacity.


  • As a certified and accredited authorized lateral motion trainer, he also presented instructor's training and certification workshops at health clubs and hotel locations throughout California.


  • As the fitness industry evolved in the mid-1990s, the popularity of personal training was trending. The increased demand for more of his professional services and hands-on attention in fitness was realized, resulting in his transition to providing clients Dereck's exclusive private training, from scheduling, to program design and implementation. Dereck's primary goal has always been, and will continue to be catering to his clients' needs. 

Qualifications & Professional Training

Dereck holds numerous credentials, training and accomplishments, and continues improving his knowledge base by attending several industry health and wellness education and training events held throughout the year. He's committed to staying up-to-date on the latest health and physical activity research and understanding its practical applications.


  • Personal Wellness Trainer-Aerobics & Fitness Association of America/AFAA
  • Group Fitness Instructor-American Council on Exercise/ACE
  • Functional Aging Specialist-Functional Aging Institute/FAI
  • Group Exercise Instructor-Aerobics & Fitness Association of America/AFAA
  • Authorized Lateral Motion Trainer-Training Camp International
  • Schwinn Cycling Classic Instructor- SCHWINN Education
  • Group Exercise Leadership Speciality Instructor-/American Council on Exercise/ACE
  • Black Belt Martial Arts Professor-Japan Karate Federation/JKF
  • Physical Education Athletics Instructor-Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force
  • Massage Therapy Technician-California Healing Arts College/CHAC
  • Karate Instructor-Trinidad & Tobago Associated Schools of Karate/TASK

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